Uses of Limestone

Here are some of the things you can do with Limestone as an ingredient to your product.


Agricultural Lime

• It is used as soil conditioner to neutralise acidic soils

• It provides a source of calcium and magnesium for plants.

• It can be used for remineralising and increasing the alkalinity of purified water to prevent pipe corrosion and to restore essential nutrient levels.


Feed Grade

• Calcium carbonate is widely used as a dietary calcium supplement ingredient for feeds production.

• It is a vital ingredient in feeds formulation used for livestock and poultry


Chemical Grade

• It is often found in medicines and cosmetics


Industrial Lime

• It is used in construction industry as a building material

• Ceramic tile adhesives typically contain 70 to 80% limestone.

• Used in glass manufacturing as a hardening agent

• It is added to toothpaste, paper, plastics, paint, tiles, and other materials as both white pigment and cheap filler.

• Golf courses use this as bunker sand